Uncommon Gems: Three Overlooked Yet Incredibly Useful Features for Your Outdoor Living Space

When designing an outdoor living space, it's easy to focus on common elements like seating areas and plantings. However, integrating lesser-known features can elevate your outdoor oasis to new heights, enhancing both functionality and enjoyment. In this article, we'll explore three seldom-done but incredibly useful features that deserve a place in your outdoor living space design, providing unexpected benefits and added convenience.

Plunge Pool: Refreshing Retreat in Your Backyard


Compact Refreshment: A plunge pool offers a compact and refreshing alternative to traditional swimming pools, providing a perfect spot for a quick dip to cool off.

Relaxing Atmosphere: The sound of flowing water and the visual appeal of a plunge pool can create a serene and relaxing atmosphere in your outdoor space.

Versatility: Plunge pools are versatile and can be incorporated into various outdoor designs, from modern to traditional, making them suitable for different aesthetics.

Implementation Tips:

Space Considerations: Plunge pools are ideal for smaller outdoor spaces or as an addition to existing ones, offering a refreshing water feature without requiring extensive square footage.

Built-In Seating: Include built-in seating or ledges within the plunge pool to enhance its functionality as both a relaxing space and a cooling retreat.

Outdoor Shower or Rinse Station: Practicality and Refreshment


Convenience After Pool Use: If you have a pool or live near the beach, an outdoor shower provides a convenient way to rinse off chlorine, saltwater, or sand before entering your home.

Refreshing Experience: An outdoor shower offers a unique and refreshing experience, allowing you to connect with nature while maintaining personal hygiene.

Pet-Friendly Solution: Perfect for pet owners, an outdoor rinse station makes cleaning muddy paws or fur a breeze, keeping your indoor space clean.

Implementation Tips:

Private Design: Consider designing the outdoor shower area to provide privacy, either through natural elements like plants or by adding a dedicated enclosure.

Hot Water Option: If possible, include a hot water option for a more comfortable shower experience, especially in cooler seasons.

Built-In Herb or Vegetable Garden: Fresh Ingredients at Your Fingertips


Fresh Culinary Delights: A built-in herb or vegetable garden provides an immediate source of fresh ingredients for your outdoor cooking and dining experiences.

Aesthetic Appeal: Beyond the practical benefits, a well-designed garden can enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor space, adding color and texture.

Educational Element: If you have children, an on-site garden can be an educational and enjoyable way to teach them about plant life and sustainable living practices.

Implementation Tips:

Vertical Gardens: Consider vertical gardening solutions to maximize space, especially if your outdoor area is limited.

Drip Irrigation: Incorporate a drip irrigation system to ensure your garden receives consistent and efficient watering.

Dec 17, 2023 at 6:19 PM Outdoor-Living


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